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At TEMPL Health, we strive to exceed your every expectation from the welcome you will get by our front desk to the gentle and effective treatments we provide.

We combine our expertise and professionalism with a personal, responsive and caring attitude to make you as comfortable as possible with our practice – whether you feel great or not at your best.

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A community radiating with an abundance of lasting joy and health.


Provide clinical, soulful care that guides and encourages one’s highest potential.


To give, to love, to serve out of abundance and to facilitate the alignment of mind, body and spirit.


Deep Healing – Excellence – Faith – Love Connection – Gratitude – Philanthropy

Alignment of Mind, Body & Spirit

We have a fragile responsibility for our health and heavy are the choices that have led us to where we stand today and where we’re heading tomorrow. We invite those who are ready to take an active role in healing and creating a joyful, inspired life.

This starts with the understanding that your body was divinely and powerfully created to heal and thrive. My job as a chiropractor is to detect and correct any dysfunction blocking your body’s innate ability to heal. My care goes a step further by guiding you through education and opportunities to enhance your health and reshape your life.

Feel the energy and sense the alignment. Leave our office lighter and brighter. In our office you’ll experience deep healing through chiropractic care, enjoy soulful connections with our team and grow through education and opportunities to enhance your health and reshape your life.

We take a wholesome approach to healing by encouraging you to find harmony in your life:

Mind: Refresh your mind and live in a state of growth and gratitude
Body: Nourish, move, and live in alignment of your values
Spirit: Fuel your soul for a life lived in love and light

Step into your truest self. Step into TEMPL Health.

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Dr. Melanie Schwietert
Dr. Mel and her family

5 Generations Strong

Born and raised in South Dakota, Dr. Melanie Schwietert grew up dreaming of being chiropractor. “My Dad would tell me about how each time his patients visited, their lives were changing because of their restored health and happiness. It was truly an incredible inspiration into a world of preventative health- one that I felt compelled to be a part of,” Dr. Melanie explains. “I love connecting with and supporting our community through chiropractic.”

The Schwietert legacy of chiropractic dates back to 1921, making her a 5th generation chiropractor. She’s honored and grateful to be able to continue helping patients find their health and live a passionate, purposeful life.

A Journey Toward a Career in Chiropractic

Dr. Schwietert attended Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. She specializes in gentle, specific full-body adjustments and soft tissue work, rehabilitation exercises and athletic taping.

“It’s an incredible gift to be able help people feel better so they can get back to doing what they love most in life and have a positive impact on my community. Chiropractic is the love of my life, it’s truly my dream!”

Embracing Colorado

Dr. Melanie is thrilled to live in Colorado and is eager to help those who are passionate about leading an active lifestyle and maintain great health.

Dr. Schwietert, her husband and two children live in the West Denver area. With their two dogs, the active family enjoys the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Dr. Schwietert appreciates the little things in life from a wonderful cappuccino, to rock climbing, running, enjoying the crisp fall mornings and quality time loving on her kids.

A Personal Note

To me, TEMPL Health is a place to serve our community by facilitating health whilst living out my purpose as a 5th generation chiropractor. My clinical, yet soulful office allows me to show up with my highest intention to serve and uplift you, educate and encourage you to live an inspired life.

The verbiage “TEMPL” also serves as a reminder to treat our body as a temple, respecting that we were divinely created and our mind, body and spirit work together. The fragility of our health is one to be cherished as it is foundational to our life. When we honor our complete health, we have the power to adapt, grow and thrive.



At a certain point in life, Rachel realized that it didn’t matter much what she was doing, as long as she was helping others. She moved to Denver in 2015 to study International Relations and Development at the University of Denver and fell in love with Colorado life!

Since meeting Dr. Mel and joining the practice, she has loved being a part of the daily healing and transformation within our little community. Other than having fun at the office, Rachel enjoys laying in the sun with her cat, Munchkin, and going on day trips around our beautiful state with her boyfriend, Mike. Ask her about cats, world news, fun travel dreams, local places to eat; she loves talking to you about it all!

Rachel is the joyful voice who will greet you upon visiting our office. She’s the light at the front of the house who will help answer questions, schedule you, educate you and as you get to know her, you’ll see why she’s a blessing to Dr. Mel and all of the patients.

(Rachel also lost 53 pounds in 2022 on the ChiroThin Weight Loss program! Ask her all about how it’s changed everything in her life! We’re so proud of her!)

At TEMPL Health, we strive to help you with your health AND your life- we have an extensive referral network of trusted doctors and other professionals to help you with concerns beyond our scope.

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